Bird Club Toolkit by Beary Birding

Are you a young birder starting a birding club of your own? Here are some resources such as presentations and templates to help you get started! These can be tailored to many young birders including at the elementary school, middle school and high school levels. Also, check out young birder clubs & toolkit for helpful external links!

Presentation on the basics of birding including the many facets such as Rare bird chasers (“twitchers”), Competitive birding, Casual bird walks, Feederwatching, Hawkwatching, Seawatching, Nocturnal migration monitoring, and more! It also goes into what birding equipment is useful including binoculars, a decent pair of ears and eyes, and some surface-level identification tips.

Birding Basics by Beary Birding

An introductory presentation to the common migrating hawks and vultures in the Eastern United States. To see animations, view the presentation in "Present" mode. Speaker notes also have some identification tips as well.

Intro to Migrating Raptors by Beary Birding

Halloween-themed presentation on the spooky birds you might encounter including various owls (Barred, Barn, Great Horned, Short-eared, Long-eared, Snowy, Saw-whet and Screech-Owl), some nighthawks (aka "goatsuckers" or nightjars), Corvidae including magpies, crows, ravens and nutcrackers, and vultures.

Spooky Birds by Beary Birding

Brief presentation on the winter birds of most of Eastern North America including fun facts, a life history, and a little game of "Spot that bird!" with Brown Creepers.

Winter Birds

Here's an infographic template describing how any school commnunity can support bird conservation, birding, and raising awareness!