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Christian Scheibe


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Beyond the Binoculars: How Birding Can Make a Difference in the World - Holly Merker read more...

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Professional hawk-watcher and insightful birding expert 


Cooper's Hawk chasing a Turkey Vulture by David Brown 

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Environmental Science student and Black and Latinx Birder scholarship recipient, Calvin Keeys, shares his insight read more...

What birds can you find in the parking lot?

Learn how birds can help your mind, body, and soul

Here's a way to enjoy the birds while relieving stress and improving your wellness - Holly Merker read more...

Conversation with Mentor and Multi-year Champion of The World Series of Birding read more...

Photo by Kriston Jae Bethel

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eBird explained by Pennsylvania eBird Coordinator Holly Merker

Why should teens care about birds? We asked a retired psychiatrist and birding expert read more...

Using online means to support Beary Birding's mission of inspiring the next generation of birders through information, entertainment and conversation learn more... 

What do birds do during a solar eclipse? 


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What's up with that name, Beary Birding?

I seem to receive this question a lot, so I figured I'd answer it once and for all: in addition to birds, I like bears. In order to resonate with my main target audience, kids and teenagers, I decided that it would be best not to sound too formal. I found a happy medium at Beary Birding!

P.S. It's meant to be pronounce Beary as in Bear-y, but you may pronounce it however you would like.